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You have opened the site of the J.G. Bennett Foundation. The purpose of our site is to provide all resources for those who seek information on John Bennett, his life, his work, his teachings in writing and in recorded speech.

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Biography of John G. Bennett

An individualist and a maverick, Bennett believed that a teaching will become devoid of life unless new insights are constantly found to renew its relevance. ~ Alick Bartholomew, obituary article, The Times, 16.12.74

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Witness: The Story of a Search
List Price: $19.95
Edition: 4
This is the story of a life of adventure and search, an account of meetings with great teachers, a love story, an inspirational tale of one of the greatest minds of the 20th century.
John Bennett (1897-1974) had not one career but several; starting his life as a soldier and spymaster in the early years of the Middle East conflicts, Bennett moved into - and failed - in the world of finance as an adventurer and entrepreneur. He reinvented himself as a world-leading technologist and director of research. All through his adult life, his outer life was on a parallel and sometimes divergent course to his inner spiritual search under the guidance of P.D. Ouspensky and G.I. Gurdjieff. After his career in the coal industry came to an abrupt end in his sixth decade, he entered the path of a single-minded seeker. For fifteen years, he travelled widely, seeking knowledge and sharing knowledge. Although he began a written account of his ideas in 1940, it was only in the last four years of his life that he declared his willingness to teach and worked intensively with large groups of students at his International Academy for Continuous Education. Subsequent history has revealed over end over that Bennett was ahead of his time, and that he developed and presented a vision of the next stage of evolution of humanity in the Synergic Epoch.
Publication Date: Apr 23 2017
ISBN/EAN13:1545300232 / 9781545300237
Page Count: 428


Dramatic Universe 4 volumes

Volume I ; The Foundations of Natural Philosophy
Volume II ; The Foundations of Moral Philosophy
Volume III ; Man and his Nature
Volume IV ; History
The Dramatic Universe builds an account of the significance and purpose of man’s existence on the earth, revealing a great task that necessitates a two-way communication with Higher Intelligences. The four volume work is a complete journey through J.G. Bennett’s search to give expression to the systematisation of the whole Universal drama.
Spanning fifty chapters from ‘Points of Departure’ to ‘The Next Age of Mind’, the Dramatic Universe provides a total unified picture of Man, the World, and God by synthesising the three domains of fact, value and harmony. This is achieved through a framework of determining conditions postulating Being time as Eternity, and Will time as Hyparxis. Complete self-development is needed in order to fulfill our destined role in the spiritulisation of existence and this, in turn, requires fulfilment of our potential in being and our development of will. Man’s ‘eternity blindness’ is the cause of our inability to perceive potential and to experience how to participate fully in the Great Work.

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Excerpt of a talk by John G Bennett May 16, 1970

This is the last ten minutes of a recording made with Olga de Nottbeck on May 16, 1970 to be… Read More

Quote from the Dramatic Universe Vol I

(click image for a larger view) “It is now possible to define three gradations of true individuality. The first is… Read More

Bennett Pilgrimages: Tours and Seminars
Armenia Gurdjieff: Pilgrimage The tour will be of particular interest to students of G.I. Gurdjieff, and to those… Read More

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Special script study house
One of the ‘Study House’ Aphorisms at the Prieuré

Gurdjieff Movements & J G Bennett at Sherborne, 2nd Course, 1973

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Sherborne House Photos ~ The International Academy for Continuous Education Sherborne, Gloucestershire, England

Manfred, Pierre, Peter and Elizabeth 1972
Manfred, Pierre, Peter and Elizabeth 1972

The website "Sherborne House Photos" is a photo gallery showing the "life"at The International Academy for Continuous Education ('Sherborne House') during the years 1972-1974. Sherborne House was the location of John Bennett’s school, The International Academy for Continuous Education from September 1971 until August 1976. The Academy was organized in ten-month courses attended by up to 100 students each year, between the ages of 18 and 80. These students underwent an intensive training in the techniques that Bennett had learned from G.I. Gurdjieff and his other teachers in the course of his fifty years of spiritual search. All the work of the running of the Academy was performed by students, as well as work on Gurdjieff’s sacred dances, food production, animal husbandry, meditation and study.

The photographs on the website were taken by Annette Green. It is her wish that they be available and shared.

Annette was a student at the International Academy for Continuous Education, Sherborne, Gloucestershire, England.
Annette Green, a graduate of the Royal College of Art, is a photographer who attended John Bennett’s International Academy for Continuous Education from 1972-1973. A former stills photographer in the film industry, she was introduced to Bennett by Diane Cilento, with whom she collaborated on a project to create a photographic Tarot. She is now retired and lives in Ireland.

Sherborne House Photo Gallery

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Photo Gallery

Various photos from the archives

The Five Being-Obligolnian-Strivings

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5 being obligolnian strivings

J.G. Bennett ~ excerpts

The Super Potential of Man ~ J.G. Bennett talking with Diane Cilento

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