The Dramatic Universe 4 Volume set


The Dramatic Universe builds an account of the significance and purpose of man’s existence on the earth, revealing a great task that necessitates a two-way communication with Higher Intelligences. The four volume work is a complete journey through J.G. Bennett’s search to give expression to the systematisation of the whole Universal drama.



Please note:  All books are shipped from Amazon. We at the J.G. Bennett Foundation offer these as a set to arrive at the same time. You can of course order the books individually directly from Amazon, but there is no guarantee they will arrive at the same time.

Below are links to the individual volumes:

The Dramatic Universe: Volume 1: The Foundations of Natural Philosophy
The Dramatic Universe: 2: The Foundations of Moral Philosophy
The Dramatic Universe, Volume 3: Man and His Nature
The Dramatic Universe, Volume 4: History


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