Excerpt: Intimations Talks with J.G. Bennett at Beshara Chapter: Suffering; page 59 “In the Sermon on the Mount we are told ‘Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, pray for them that despitefully use you and that persecute you’. This is ordinarily taken to be a requirement of humility, accepting injustice, of being compassionate and kind to people, and various virtues that are connected with this. But in reality, it is, like everything in the Sermon on the Mount, a practical counsel for living. Without enemies, we should have no chance. Perhaps the most important creation was the Devil. […]

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Links to friends of the J.G. Bennett Foundation Links: Bennett Pilgrimages –  Tours and pilgrimages generally centered around the teachings and writings of; G.I. Gurdjieff and J.G. Bennett Baltimore Gurdjieff Bennett  Group –  going strong after 27 years  and counting –   Claymont Society -  Retreats, events, and seminars Camp Caravan -Royalston, MA   Gurdjieff / Bennett Groups and Seminars Gurdjieff / Bennett study group in NYC and upstate NY JG Bennett Group UK  For information on groups in the UK Gurdjieff Movements in Italy~ Germany~Austria~Switzerland , led by Margit Martinu Gurdjieff Dominican Group – Movements and Seminars World-wide  ~ Jose Reyes Beshara […]