Presentations from Accessing the Dramatic Universe Conference 2011

We are pleased to announce we have uploaded 4 presentations from the “Accessing The Dramatic Universe” conference in 2011. Henri Bortoft Anthony ‘Tony’ Hodgson Ben Bennett Hajah Tetley You can listen to the presentations below in whole, or you may download them for a *small fee of $1.00, which helps with our storage and website fees. The link for download is found here: Download Presentations  *consider it a donation towards our work at the foundation.   Henri Bortoft’s presentation Part 1 Part 2 Henri Bortoft wrote to us in an email: I would like to give a talk on “Hyparxis […]

Istanbul 1972 Hasan Shushud and Sheik Muzaffer Ozak

  HASAN SHUSHUD (1901-1988)   click the link for more informationHASAN SHUSHUD (1901-1988)Bennett met Hasan Shushud, a Turk, in Istanbul on his return from India after his second and final meeting with the Shivapuri Baba in 1963. Shushud is an enigmatic figure who created very little stir during his lifetime. He had entered the Sufi path in his teen years, learned French and German and later worked as a school-teacher. He later worked in a bank and eventually became the private secretary to the Turkish Finance minister. He retired at the age of 50 and devoted his later life to studying, writing and teaching individuals and […]