The Download Order Process

Download order process

please follow if you have any issues downloading

Step 1 – Create ‘MY ACCOUNT’

You must be logged in to download files.

  • Add item(s) to your ‘CART’
    Update cart if necessary
    Proceed to ‘CHECKOUT’
    Review your billing / shipping details – the details come from your account
    Check your purchase total
    Enter your payment details (credit card or debit card)
    READ the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and check the box to accept

Immediately you will be redirected to: "Your cart is currently empty."
"Return to Shop"

Don’t be alarmed – You can download your file(s) using three different methods – the first is favorite

Step 2 -  To 'Download your files'

RETURN TO:  My Account

(A)    "Hello [ username] (not [username]? Sign out). 

From your account dashboard you can view your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses and edit your password and account details.

Please click the link "Orders" there you will see your order number, then a new window will open 


Order Details

JG Bennett on Sleep and Dream × 1
Download: 1951 JG Bennett on Sleep and Dream

Order Again

Click on the "Download:" title 

(B)     You will receive a confirmation email with your order number: You can download from the email, ONLY if you did not download them from the first method

  • The J.G. Bennett Foundation <>
  • The J.G. Bennett Foundation order from [DATE] is complete - download your files …
  • you can download your files individually using the order # or by clicking the link:
    "Download [title]"

The download will appear in your browser downloads folder.

(C)    Go to your account and view your "Recent Orders"; click the order #, or "View" and download your files

The file will download and appear in your browser download folder.

Please be aware that we have placed a download limit on all files, (generally 2) a limit is also placed on the number of days the download is available: 3 Days. ‘Free’ files have no download limit, but you will need to place the order again to download the free file.

Please do check your email 'SPAM' folder, as sometimes email regarding your order may end up in the SPAM folder. 

IF all methods fail – please email the and we will look into the issue and try to come to a resolution. We will try to respond as soon as we can – Hours are intermittent, but generally from 9 AM – to 6 PM Eastern Standard Time – most days.

*Please read Conditions and terms of use for The J.G. Bennett Foundation Website - 
All digital sales are considered final once you have downloaded the item(s): Mps file (audio) or .pdf ( portable document text file) 

Useful articles – file types downloading and actions