The Dramatic Universe ~ Commentary by: A.G.E. Blake

 Undated(Published in The Enneagram #6, June 1976)The publication of The Dramatic Universe (Vol. I, 1956; Vol. II, 1961; Vol. III, 1966; and Vol. IV, 1966) was one of the major intellectual events of this century and, in keeping with all major events, passed almost unnoticed by the world at large. There were people interested in personal transformation who found the language too difficult and the writing too condensed. There were others who had the necessary intellectual equipment but were locked in one or other specialist viewpoint that prevented access to the vision that was put in front of them. Bennett […]


POSTSCRIPT; MR. GURDJIEFF’S LIFEBryn Thring Undated(Published in The Enneagram # 7, September 1976) Various things suggest that Mr. Gurdjieff had medical training. It is reported that during Mr. Bennett’s first 1948 visit to him in Paris, G. said he had studied medicine and taken his degree, and that he had always kept his interest in medicine. During a later conversation, he told Mr. Bennett that he was at the Tiflis seminary at the same time as Stalin. Stalin was born 21st December l879, and was at the seminary from age 14 till expelled on 29 May 1899; according to a […]