Masters of Wisdom, chapter 4, “The Time of Christ” – read by: George Bennett

In August 1974, near the end of the third Basic Course at Sherborne, and just a few months before his death, JG Bennett fulfilled a prophecy made by Gurdjieff at his table in 1949: “One day Mr. Bennett will give a conference on the Last Supper, and many people will be thankful to him.” This ‘conference’ formed the basis for Chapter Four in The Masters of Wisdom – now published as a sound file on this website – and I am fortunate to have been among the people who heard it. To understand the context of Bennett’s talk it may […]

New Edition of The Masters of Wisdom

THE MASTERS OF WISDOMJ.G. Bennett In 1961, John Bennett travelled to Kathmandu to meet the 135-year-old sage known as the Shivapuri Baba, and the following year he made a second nine months before the old man’s final departure. At the conclusion of the second visit, the Shivapuri Baba reportedly said to him: “When you come to that Realization you will know God and enter into God and be one with God…. You will come to that before you die – that I can promise you.” Bennett goes on to write that “such a conversation could not fail to have a […]

The Masters of Wisdom: quote

“ We human beings have a deep awareness, deeper than egoism itself, of our kinship with nature. We feel that creativity without love is daemonic, but we are forced to recognise that love has no power to overcome egoism. Life on earth is threatened today, not by man’s failure to love his fellow-man, but by his inability to love at all. Love untainted by egoism is to be found only in the rarest of the rare. ” The Masters of Wisdom J.G. Bennett Chapter 4 The time of Christ The Masters of Wisdom