Extracts from a Seminar

J.G. BennettUndated(Published in The Enneagram #9, January 1977)This is what really attracted me to Gurdjieff’s teaching years ago: From the beginning, it was plain that this was an account of a mutual need, of a need the spiritual has for the natural that is as great as the natural has for the spiritual. Of course, it is said by mystics that God would not be God without me, but there is something more than this, the awareness that we are a necessary part because we are so created that we can become a necessary part of the word because there […]


When Mr. Bennett began working with themes at Sherborne House he gave the introduction reproduced below. Reading the presentation and discussion of themes, without having worked on them oneself, can create the illusion of understanding. It is important that the reader should try to grasp and take seriously what Mr. Bennett says about the thematic technique. “The technique of theme consists in this: in persistently and with great determination occupying one’s mind with a specific clear notion so that one can penetrate into it in depth. There are various techniques that involve this persistent directing of the mental attention towards […]