Meeting on September 9 1948 ~ Gurdjieff

Meeting on September 9, 1948 GURDJIEFF Livingston Hall, London UK J.G. Bennett About sixty years ago a small group of people came together in the Caucasus to study two questions: firstly, to verify or disprove the reality of what are sometimes called supernatural or super- normal phenomena and, secondly, to enquire whether the traditional knowledge about such phenomena which were supposed to exist in the East still existed and could be found. Out of this gradually a society formed which took the name ‘Seekers of the Truth’. That group grew to something like forty members at its maximum and comprised […]

The Distinction Between Sensing and Feeling

The Distinction Between Sensing and FeelingJ. G. BennettThursday, 17 March 1949 Livingstone Hall There is one thing I advise you all to work on persistently until you have mastered it, and that is the distinction between sensing and feeling. This is one of the foundations of the practical method which Mr. Gurdjieff is now giving people to help them in their work, and there are many things which cannot be done until you are able to make this distinction in your own immediate experience; he calls this the distinction between “je” and “moi”, between “me” and “myself”. By “je” we […]


POSTSCRIPT; MR. GURDJIEFF’S LIFEBryn Thring Undated(Published in The Enneagram # 7, September 1976) Various things suggest that Mr. Gurdjieff had medical training. It is reported that during Mr. Bennett’s first 1948 visit to him in Paris, G. said he had studied medicine and taken his degree, and that he had always kept his interest in medicine. During a later conversation, he told Mr. Bennett that he was at the Tiflis seminary at the same time as Stalin. Stalin was born 21st December l879, and was at the seminary from age 14 till expelled on 29 May 1899; according to a […]

The Last Supper ~ 27th JUNE 1949; Special Lecture

*some pages are missing from the original document  I said I would give a lecture on the Last Supper, because Mr. Gurdjieff had told me to give such a lecture, and I said I would give it to those people who had tried themselves as well as they could to understand this event. As it turns out very few people, perhaps four or five, have made anything like a serious study of this question, and so I had the alternative either of not giving the lecture at all, or of giving it to those people who at least showed that […]