Creating a ‘My Account’

My Account

It is advised that you create a "My Account" profile account to make purchases .

The advantage to creating a "My Account" is the ability to view past purchases and download codes for your purchases.

Once you have created a "My Account" you "Log-in"; using a "username" and "password".

If you forget your password, you may edit your profile on the "My Account" page to create a new password.

The password you create, or change MUST be very strong.  This is for your own security. The 'system' will not allow for a weak password, or medium password.


 'SHOP - Online'

Use the top menu 'SHOP' and the drop down selection

Use the icon links found on the 'Home' page

Use search by category, or word tag, on the 'Shop' page

Use the Sitemap

Please see the Download Order Process to help with downloading your order
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