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What is the role of the Movements in the Work?

Movement as a tool for experiencing group consciousness in stillness and activity




We warmly extend this invitation to members of all Gurdjieff lineages to encourage the building of bridges and to strengthen the WORK by sharing our experience and understanding.
5:00 pm, October 12 — 12:00 noon, October 15, 2017
Convened by Margit Martinu, hosted by the group at Camp Caravan
With a presentation by Elan Sicroff on Music, including its relation to the Movements
Gurdjieff Movements, Sittings, Dialogue/Exchange, Themes, Carpentry, Gardening, Team Work
Bring dancing slippers and an open mind
Contact by September 15: Stefan Maier at or
Websites: •
Facebook: Gurdjieff Work in Movement
Suggested fee: $350 (includes meals and housing)


Millers River Educational Cooperative, Camp Caravan, Royalston, Massachusetts