Links to Friends of the J.G. Bennett Foundation

Links to friends of the J.G. Bennett Foundation Links: Bennett Pilgrimages –  Tours and pilgrimages generally centered around the teachings and writings of; G.I. Gurdjieff and J.G. Bennett Baltimore Gurdjieff Bennett  Group –  going strong after 27 years  and counting –   Claymont Society -  Retreats, events, and seminars Camp Caravan -Royalston, MA   Gurdjieff / Bennett Groups and Seminars Gurdjieff / Bennett study group in NYC and upstate NY JG Bennett Group UK  For information on groups in the UK Gurdjieff Movements in Italy~ Germany~Austria~Switzerland , led by Margit Martinu Gurdjieff Dominican Group – Movements and Seminars World-wide  ~ Jose Reyes Beshara […]