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“Sensation – What is it?”

The Claymont Society will be hosting a Fourth Way Work Event on September 23- 25

at the Claymont Mansion Charles Town, West Virginia USA

Work Weekend
September 23-25, 2016
Sensation – What is it?


One has to dig fairly deeply into most other spiritual disciplines before finding anything that resembles what those of us in the Gurdjieff tradition refer to as “sensation”. What is sensation and why do we make so much of it? Isn’t observation of oneself enough? And if I am honest with myself is it really even possible to have sensation while moving, talking, thinking and just responding to what life throws at me throughout the day? When I am still it comes somewhat easier but even then it is difficult and seems to be a mystery. How do I make it stronger? Do I make it arise in my body or do I find it there by paying sufficient attention? What then is the relationship between sensation and attention? We have learned from Mr. Bennett that sensation is a form of energy that stands between the energy of our automatism and the energy of “consciousness”. How then is sensitive energy different than conscious energy? What does it mean to “organize sensitivity”?
This weekend, instead of assuming we all understand what sensation is, we will experiment with it, exchange observations and experiences about it, look deeply into it and not assume that it is already well understood. Bring your “beginner’s mind” and let us see how far we can travel together.
We are pleased to announce a work weekend at Claymont taking place September 23-25, 2016. The theme of the weekend will be “Sensation – What is it?” The weekend will be led by Lance Dom, who was on the first basic course at Claymont.
Activities for the weekend will include guided meditations, practical work, movements, and inner sharing. You are cordially invited to join us in our work and exploration.
As part of the weekend, we will continue work on the grounds near the memorial for Pierre and Vivien Elliot.
The weekend will begin with dinner at 6:30 pm on Friday September 23 and end after lunch on Sunday September 25.
Suggested donation for the weekend is $95 if you are staying overnight at Claymont and $60 if you are not staying overnight. However, do not let the cost prevent you from coming, financial assistance is available.
For more information and to register please contact, the registrar, Roberta Chromey at

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