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Quote from the Dramatic Universe Vol I

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“It is now possible to define three gradations of true individuality. The first is that in which the entity can be conscious of its own genetic constitution and direct its activity according to this awareness. This is the individuality which consists in ableness-to-be oneself. The second gradation is that in which there is awareness of the specific pattern. In this case the entity is able to direct his activity not only according to his own genetic constitution, but also according to the pattern of potentialities that belongs to the entire species of which he is a member. As applied to man, the second gradation of true individuality is exemplified in him who is aware of himself as a human being, and is able to share in the experience of all other human beings through participation in the pattern common to all mankind. The third and highest gradation of individuality transcends the limitations of any single species and is present in an entity that can be aware of the universal pattern of life and understands its role as the cosmic reconciling force.” J.G. Bennett Dramatic Universe Vol. 1, page 404; 8.21.3