The World Situation a talk at Beshara (Intimations)


(undated, est. 1974)
by J.G. Bennett
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“….One has to look objectively.  To be distressed over the state of the world, and remain distressed, however distressed one may be, is simply one’s own subjective state.  It may even be satisfying to us to feel that we are sensitive and able to be distressed and the rest of it.  The real thing is to have this objective compassion, to say, ‘I must do something myself’, that however small in its material consequences, can be very large in its spiritual consequences.”

“This ‘more is better’ creed is really the fundamental creed of mankind – not belief in God, not belief in religion or anything higher. It has brought us to this world in which we live now. It is a dinosaur creed. The bigger you are the better you are. This has now worked itself to saturation. It is no longer possible for mankind to live by this creed. This is the thing that is going to kill the great institutions, because they cannot live without expansion. Everyone can see this. No occult knowledge is needed to see that as soon as expansion stops, these great bodies get into trouble. Even when expansion is suicide, they have to expand because they know no other way to live. All of us have been so indoctrinated with the belief that more is better, that the more possessions one has, the better one is, that the more one knows, the better one is, the more that one can travel, the better one is. We are so filled with this that any other way of thinking is very hard to adapt ourselves to. We are told, and no doubt it is true, that human knowledge is now doubling every ten years, and that this rate of doubling is increasing. This is regarded as wonderful, also that we are consuming more of the resources of the earth in twenty years than in the whole previous history of the world. I am not sure that it is now regarded as a triumph, because people can see that there are certain flaws in it. But as it becomes impossible — and it is already impossible, and will evidently be impossible, totally and visibly impossible within our lifetime — what will happen to these institutions who live by and only know one thing and that is the doctrine of more? They will not be able to survive.”

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