The State of Work


Theme talk by J. G. Bennett at Sherborne House – July 17, 1972


” If we say that what we mean by Work is making real, and if we say that there is an universal, cosmic realization in which we have a part, and if you remember the things that I said to Anja commenting on her question, then what I want you to do this week is to look at this not theoretically, but look at it by putting to yourself the question, “Is this work in me at this moment?” Am I at this moment making real?
Many things that we have been doing have to be brought into it. One elementary thing that has to be understood is that one cannot be in a state of work unless one is in a state of contact. This is the elementary prerequisite. If one is in an entirely subjective state where one is in a dream and not in contact with what one’s body is doing, then the first requirement of work is absent. This mustn’t be understood that we have constantly to be aware of this, or that the word Self Remembering means a state of continuous, unbroken consciousness. There is a kind of trick here by which people are brought to realize something about their absence of consciousness by saying, can you look at a second hand of a watch and remember yourself for five minutes?. They find that they can’t and are told; ha, you see; that shows that you can’t remember yourself. I think that is very useful, maybe, but it is not very fair.”

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