WITNESS ~ Postscript, April 1971



In 1971, the original Hodder & Stoughton edition of Witness having gone out of print, the publishing rights reverted to the author. By this time, Coombe Springs Press was set up for medium-sized print projects and Bennett asked Brian Turner to produce a new edition. For this edition, in the days immediately before his departure to the United States for his lecture tour, Bennett produced the hastily written 5000-word Postscript which follows below. Just over two years later, a fully revised edition was published by Turnstone Books. This was the last version of Witness to be produced before Bennett’s death, and for this edition he wrote a much fuller 15,000-word addition and discarded the Postscript, which was not subsequently used. This postscript does however include certain passages and remarks which fill in gaps in our knowledge of Bennett’s progress and activities during the years between 1960 and 1971.

You can read the first page of the document here using this link : https://wp.me/p7jGam-5Og


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