The Sevenfold Work ~ J.G. Bennett


This book, put together around talks that J.G. Bennett gave in 1974 to students at his Academy, and edited and expanded for this edition by A.G.E. Blake, is an explanation of the action of the Work in us through what we can experience and practice. Gurdjieff’s hints are the starting point. The result is no simple condification of techniques, but an opening of doors to understanding.

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by John G. Bennett (Author), A.G.E. Blake (Editor)

Paperback: 156 pages
Publisher: Coombe Springs Press Ltd; 2 edition (October 1979)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0900306238
ISBN-13: 978-0900306235

The idea of ‘Work’ that G.I. Gurdjieff brought to the West in this country is the idea of the supreme effort in which men and women can participate consciously. To label the purpose and character of inspired effort is to miss the point of its essential practicality and to gloss over the hiddenness of its sources, initiatives and enablements.
The Work is resolved into a spectrum of seven lines which are applicable to past and present practice and experience, and probably valid for some time in the future. There is a feeling of wholeness and balance that is requires. The Work is not all effort, nor is it to be found by receptivity and submission alone. We need t0 understand when to submit, and we must learn to get out of the way entirely.
In front of mutually contradictory injunctions of spiritual authorities, there is a great need for everyone who can understand the nature of what Gurdjieff called ‘harmonious development”.

 “The Sevenfold Work” J.G. Bennett

Lines of Work

In the first line, we are active in taking into ourselves from outside. Context: World
In the second line, we are active from inside to inside. Context: Myself
In the third line, we are active from inside to outside. Context: Community
In the fourth line, we are neither active nor receptive. Context: Action
In the fifth line, we are receptive in taking from outside. Context: Community
In the sixth line, we are receptive within, from inside to inside. Context: Myself
In the seventh line, we are receptive to what is beyond us. Context: World
Context of COMMUNITY: We are with others, there are natural communities of family and those arising from our professional life or vocation and there is the companionship of the Work, which includes teachers, and fellow students and those who teach. We find our way in the Work through communities in which we live. It is of great significance that Gurdjieff repeatedly emphasized that the Work cannot be realized in isolation.

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