The Master Idea of the New Epoch ~ transcription: Part 1


April 9, 1974
(The Master Idea of the New Epoch was originally presented by J.G. Bennett in a talk at Sherborne House, April 9th 1974 during the Third Basic Course. The following is a transcription of that talk. Because of its length, it has been serialized and this is the first part. The talk was published in The Enneagram #1; March 1975.The concluding part will appear in the next issue of The Enneagram Magazine.)



“Today I wish to talk about what I call the Master Idea, that attitude towards Man and his destiny which determines the entire value system of a culture. There is something about our present time that people understand and feel, and something else they do not understand.
The first thing is that we are clearly passing from one world to another. Everyone can see that a world is dying and that a new world has to be born. What is not seen is that it is also a moment of very profound change in Man himself, in the whole mode of life of humanity.”



Many kinds of experiences people have in various states can be understood quite simply: when the dominance of the experience by the physical body through the senses is stopped, another kind of experience takes over. All that experience belongs to the spirit world. Beyond this we enter the world where this body’s restricted existence no longer applies: this is the alemi imkan. There is certainly a mode of being that is beyond this spirit world. Imkan really means the world of potential, the world of possibility. It is the world where freedom, real freedom begins. It is not a world of quantities. On the contrary, it is a world that from the start is pure quality. Its laws are totally different from the laws of either this material world or of the spirit world. Beyond this is what is called in Sufism, the lahut, the measureless, Iahut, I translated it the unfathomable. This is Nirvana. It is the source from which everything arises, and it is the source of pure creativity, and into which everything ultimately returns. These four worlds, about which we have been speaking, are the alemi edjsam, the world of bodies, the alemi ervah, the world of spirits, and the alemi imkan. The world of possibilities or creativity and the Iahut, the unfathomable.”

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