The Hazards of Human Society


(Excerpts from a talk by J.G. Bennett – undated. Published in the Enneagram, #5, April 1976. This and related talks by J.G. Bennett will soon be published by Coombe Springs Press under the title “Hazard; Transformation of Man Series Number 6)


  • Hazards of Power

  • Hazards of Peace

  • Hazard of High Mindedness

“Human Societies are hazardous; they prosper and fall, degenerate and change into something different from how they began.
First of all, there are the Hazards of Power, which include the hazards of succession and of success. Societies are often established by a powerful person or group, or through the action, of a powerful idea acting on an environment that is more or less passive. A society is organized round it that corresponds to the dominant drive. Inevitably power arouses resistance, the driving force can cope for a while but eventually the lack of correspondence between it and the environment leads to a breakdown.”

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