Sufi Spiritual Techniques


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This little book, newly published, has been available in various forms since J.G. Bennett first presented his translation in 1969. The text is taken from a pamphlet originally composed in the 17th century and published in Istanbul in Ottoman Turkish in 1928. Bennett translated this text into English and it was published in “Systematics” in September 1970. The text was given to Bennett by Hasan Shushud, who describes it in the bibliography of his “Hacegan Hanedani” thus:
“Risala-I Bahai’iyya: A Turkish work by Rif’at Bey. Printed in Istanbul in 1306 of the Hijra. Written in two sections, each of which has five subsections. The first part deals the basic teachings and methods of the Khwajagan and the Naqshbandi Orders, while the second is a spiritual biography of Baha’ al-Din Naqshband. Written from the standpoint of monistic Sufism but contains some of the concepts of realization and verification.”

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