STEPS ALONG THE WAY ~ Excerpts from ‘Witness: The Story of a Search’ by J.G. Bennett


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“If there is a fifth dimension not like space but like time, and if it is orthogonal to the space-time we know then it would have the required property. Any matter existing in that direction, would appear from our standpoint to be travelling with the speed of light. And moreover it would travel in all directions at once. This must be the solution of Einstein’s riddle. If so, the fifth dimension must be as real as the space and time we know. But the extra degree of freedom given by the fifth dimension opens all kinds of possibilities. It means that time itself is not unique, and if there is more than one time, there is more than one future. If there are many times, there should be the possibility of choosing between them. In each line of time, there can be a strict causality, but by changing from one line to another we can be free. It is like a railway passenger: so long as he remains on one train his destination is decided in advance. But he can change trains at a junction and so change his destination.”