By John G. Bennett – 1972 to 1974

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“This right inner state towards food is consciousness, awareness of what is always prepared for us, what Nature has done for us. There is one exercise that is important for this week when we are reflecting upon our relationship with food, and I want you to do this exercise as sincerely as possible. Whenever you eat, whether it is a single bite or whether it is a meal, whenever you put food into your mouth, with the first mouthful, the first entry of food into your body be conscious of yourself, as in “I and this food.” Everything happens at that moment: the digestive process of transformation begins at the moment when the food enters your mouth. But you must be present at that moment. You are to put it to yourselves that, when you eat, you are receiving a very honored guest. It is Life that is visiting you, that has come into your gates: this honored guest that has come to give you life and must be greeted at the threshold in this way. ”

“If we set ourselves to look at life through our relationship to food, our attitude will change. We should have awareness particularly on the three occasions on which we have contact with food: in the growing of the food, the preparing of food and the eating of food. But first we must seek to see what our altitude to food is at present. Use the exercise and any other means you can find to explore this. If we can manage to develop in ourselves a non-egoistic love towards life, we shall have the right attitude towards food.”


All Life is One

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