The Sermon on the Mount ~ transcribed


Please note these are Transcriptions 

The Sermon on the Mount Talk #1; 1968

The Sermon on the Mount Talk #2; 1973



 J.G. Bennett – 1968


 “For us, the lesson is that if we are to take our part in the spiritual undertaking that is now in progress, we also must learn to live in more than one world at the same time. We cannot separate the inner and the outer worlds effectively and safely unless we strengthen the ‘third world’ in ourselves. The Sermon on the Mount contains implicitly the same idea. It is directed, through and through, to the interaction between the higher and lower parts of man’s nature and between the spiritual and the material levels of being, between man and God.” 
J.G. Bennett – August 28, 1973


“…there is the principle of the two stages of work. When someone makes some kind of work effort or work sacrifice, the reward for this is to be put in front of some temptation, which means the possibility of doing something different. ln this case, the temptation is to be appreciated for having given alms. The real work here is not really in giving, but in not expecting to be thanked for it. That is where freedom lies: to give in such a way that one will not be thanked or appreciated for giving. Learn that secret and then you will have made a connection with the Father, with the inner world, the inner being. This also applies to the other examples given, about praying, about fasting.”
The talks differ from each other –

talks are included in the Booklet: “Needs of a New Age Community”


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Talk # 1, 3 pages
Talk # 2, 9 pages

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