by J. G. Bennett
(edited by K. W. F. Pledge)
27th-28th February 1965
First Talk: 27th February 1965


“The title of this seminar contains ‘Seven Levels of Marriage’, and so clearly the number seven has something to do with it, and marriage has something to do with it.  We are going to have a total of five sessions, the first of which is this introductory one.  This evening we shall break up and work as three groups.  Tomorrow morning, we shall have one plenary session with us all together, to make one further step that I have to make with you; and then again break up into groups.  And then there is a final session tomorrow afternoon.  This first session is really to introduce the notion of the septenary or sevenfold structure.  Not everything is rich enough, or strong enough, to be understood in this way; but marriage has the necessary qualities and therefore is a good subject for this way of understanding.  When you break up into groups you will see if you are able, by discussion among yourselves, to recognise something of the seven qualities that belong to the seven levels of marriage.  This is in order that you make your own attempt at solving the problem of the sevenfold character of marriage before I say something about it.  It is far more profitable to hear something on a theme that you have already wrestled with, than to have it given to you when you are in a passive state.”

7 Ultimate Knowledge
                6 Transcendental Knowledge
5 Effectual Knowledge
4 Value Knowledge
3 Pragmatic Knowledge
2 Animal Knowledge
1 Vegetative Knowledge
Septenary of Knowledge

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