Realization: Theme Discussion


July 7, 1972
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“We make mistakes. We are weak and lazy; we neglect opportunities that were in front of us. We even sometimes willfully do what we know is against our aim or against our state, and when we see this we very often either suffer or we put it aside, or we invent some sort of reasons around it. This certain way of not identifying with this, that takes the ferment, the wrong thing out of it, and it then changes, as you say, into an understanding. This is, certainly you’re right in saying that this is like making compost. It’s quite true that out of this, we feel that the fertile soil for work is made. To be able to see all one’s mistakes and not to identify with them, not to put them out of one’s mind but not to be, not to let oneself be touched emotionally by them, that means not identifying with them. And this freedom in front of them does convert them. The very things that are harmful and poisonous for us does convert them into the nourishment of the work.  And its protection against, its protection against something coming on that shouldn’t be there. I’ve learned to be very thankful for the stupidities and mistakes I make that are a help to self remembering and that I know quite unmistakably that those things are the soil in which my work grows. If they’re not there then my soil gets caught into, begins to be infected with egoism and heedlessness and all the things that make work impossible but though it’s all our mistakes and faults and stupidities. They really keep the soil sweet. “

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