A talk given at the Annual Conference of The Radionic Association March 13, 1971 J.G. Bennett



When Mrs. Russell told me that it was time I came and met The Radionic Association, because she has been aware of my interest for many years, and asked me to choose a topic, I felt at first that I could plead ignorance. But then I realized that I was faced with a challenge, because it belongs to a field where I am really ignorant and yet I have studied for forty or fifty years in the attempt to understand it. This field is referred to in the title of this talk: Radiations and Emanations. Long ago I became convinced that the invisible processes of the world depend not only upon the ordinary exchanges of energy of light and sound and heat, but even more upon invisible exchanges and transformations, and that these produce many phenomena that are not amenable to ordinary, or even specialized, scientific investigation. The more I went on, the more it became clear to me that I could not understand this extraordinary subject. So, when the challenge came, I said to myself "If I try once again to speak in front of an audience of people who are themselves deeply concerned in this problem, perhaps I will make one step towards a better understanding." Many of you must be aware of the extraordinary breadth that there is in this topic because everyone in this room must have attempted to understand it. It is to me an unending source of amazement that we have this universe of vibrations, of energy transformations; we have this wonderful instrument of the human mind that is given to us and we remain, as Newton said, "like children picking up pebbles on the sea shore and finding sometimes a prettier pebble than another while the whole ocean of truth lay before us". This whole ocean of truth still remains undiscovered before us, so let us begin with this recognition of our profound ignorance in front of the mystery of the universe. It is only with that realization that we can have the presumption and the courage to see if the veil will lift itself a little for us from time to time.

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