DEUS POSITOR MUNDI INVICTUS … “God Founder of the World Invincible”




"I am very happy that I was asked to come and speak here today but I should first of all say that the title of the address I give, that is Deus Positor Mundi Invictus is not one that I myself would have dared to choose. It is, I am sure, the greatest theme that can occupy the attention of man and it is a theme that no man can feel competent to discuss. I wrote to the Organizers to say that I would be happy to speak under the theme of all 'Open Veld' Meetings: that is "God Founder of the World Invincible" but I did not intend by that to suggest that I myself could take this as my own subject.

However, now it has happened without my will I am happy because I can say that it has been for nearly forty years the subject of my own strivings and of my prayers, that I should be able to understand, while I am still alive on this earth, a little bit of what is this relationship between God and his Creation of which we men are one small part.

One reason why I could not choose this myself, as a subject to speak about, is, that I am certain that we cannot think about God, The greatness of God, the nature of God, and the working of God are all beyond the understanding of the human mind, even infinitely beyond it. Therefore, any attempt that we make with our human mind to understand God’s Creation is only to bring down towards our own level that which has really no comparison with the level of man. The very words: Deus Positor Mundi Invictus imply that God is utterly different from man for no man can ever have that relationship of standing beyond the whole existing and the whole created world and yet of entering into it and operating in every part. There is nothing that corresponds to that, in all our human experience. Therefore, we have to begin with the realization that we can neither think nor speak about God and yet this does not mean that God is utterly beyond the reach of man, because it is within the infinite mercy of God also to reveal Himself to man. God is never to be found by man in man's searching, but God can find man and enter into the heart and the soul of man revealing to man what he is able to understand, what he is able to receive." .....

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