Introductory Talk: The International Academy for Continuous Education


1971-10-15 JG Bennett


” There’s no external rule, no external teacher who makes such demands upon us as our own conscience makes when it is awakened, and when we’ve learned to listen to it. Conscience is the creator of our own individuality. It is God within each one, who reveals to us what it is that we have to do, and this, when it is awakened, becomes an imperative obligation. In order to achieve these aims of inner freedom, the ability to work from one’s own conscience, and to live by conscience, we have to work on all three parts of man’s nature, that is, we have to work on his functions, his being, and his will. There is a terminology that corresponds to these three stages; this describes the three circles in which men can live: the exoteric or outer circle, the mesoteric, or middle circle, and the esoteric or inner circle.”

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