Gotham Book Mart Talk June 1, 1971 JG Bennett


This is the audio of a lecture that Mr Bennett gave at Gotham Book Mart, New York on June 1st, 1971. This was the last talk of his two-week tour of American cities, mostly speaking at universities and colleges to announce the upcoming course at the International Academy for Continuous Education.


We have a time in front of us that we have to live through, and it is the next fifty years that will be critical. It is wise to look at the fifty years that are coming as a whole, whether it is for ourselves, for those who will have to face the world of 2020 or those who know that their children will have to face that world. There are some things that we can predict about it with confidence, and the most important is that it is going to be very different from the world that we are living in today. The environment of our life on the earth is changing very rapidly, at an accelerated pace, and it is not possible to conceive that any events other than major catastrophes will prevent accelerated change, so either we will have a catastrophic change which will leave the world having to pick up the bits and start again, or we shall have an explosive change that will leave us with a world that will be very difficulty to live in, and it will be a world that will be progressively more difficult to live in because of the greater congestion, because of the more intensive interaction between people, the various consequences of the way we have lived on this earth especially in the first half of the present century which have left a very difficult legacy for those who have to live for the next fifty years.



The transcription of the talk was previously posted, and can be found here on this link:  transcription 


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