Elizabeth Bennett ~ Meanderings on Gurdjieff


recorded in the last year of her life 1991


The only known voice recording of Elizabeth Bennett
Elizabeth gives a short introduction and then talks of her time in Paris with Gurdjieff. Some of this material is included in the book published as her memoir, but there are some stories that are on the recording not in the memoir. This is a rare recording ….
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My Life: J.G. Bennett and G.I. Gurdjieff,  A Memoir

The author stresses at the outset that this book is a memoir, not to be confused with an autobiography. The published book is a compilation of a set of manuscripts, and the transcription of a voice recording made in the last year of her life. The text is divided into chapters, each of which gives a vignette of a particular series of events in the author’s life – beginning with her sheltered childhood at Eton College; her experiences as a volunteer in the ranks, and later as an officer in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force during the Second World War; her first introduction to the ideas now known as the Fourth Way; the ten months she spent in G.I Gurdjieff’s inner circle in Paris in 1949; her life and travels with her husband during the 1950s. This book gives a remarkably candid account of life impressions, and a fascinating insight into the personal lives of two great 20th century teachers. Illustrated with a selection of twenty-four of the author’s own sketches in pen and watercolour.




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