Consciousness and Its Possible Transformations


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Therefore, when I speak of two worlds, I speak of two quite real, substantial modes of existence, very different from one another, but each equally necessary for us to understand. Between the two there is a border, a frontier, and across this frontier there can be an exchange, and it is across this frontier also that “yes” and “no” can really mean something. What does it mean to be in the presence of possibilities? I said just now that I can choose between turning my head to the right and my head to the left, if it is possible for me to do either. But when is this possible? It is when I am aware that something is pulling me this way, and something is pulling me that way. If I am not aware of it, what will happen has nothing to do with me, it has only to do with the working of my functions. I am there to the extent that I experience the presence of possibilities.


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