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“Yes, it’s not what we eat that divides us. It’s what we manifest with the help of the energy that we get from the food that divides. This is necessary to understand, and I’ve said it before that food is already a transformed substance, it’s not as raw, unevolved matter, and it’s already highly evolved. It has passed through hundreds of stages, in some cases, highly special evolution. This highly special evolution is connected with particular active elements such as exist in vegetation. We spoke of coffee. And we’re able to take into our organism these prepared substances that have been prepared by the transformation of life. This lays upon us a responsibility. And if we are aware of and accept this, even if it’s only in principle, this changes totally our attitude. It is ordinarily one of the great defects of our modern world that we are concerned with what we, because we are people have a right to do. And we’re very little concerned with what we, because we are people have the opportunity to do. You have the right to destroy life, but you have the obligation with this life that you destroy to serve a higher purpose. And the two are inseparable from one another. If one takes one must give. If you take life you must give life. If we do not do it our life will be taken from us. It is one of the themes that run right through the Beelzebub s Tales. One of the themes that he constantly returns to. We have by our own conscious labour and intentional suffering transformed energies for cosmic purposes, or these energies will be transformed by our own dying. But just by having that attitude we can begin to adapt ourselves to all the implications of this.
We leave a terrible open account, an unpaid debt when we eat food, if we do not by using the energy that we derive from food repay by serving the purpose for which it was given. If that enters into us everything must be different. You have to understand how different from this the ordinary attitude is to life. People can recklessly destroy everything on this earth convinced that they can justify this destruction so that man can make use of its products.”

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