Challenge – transcribed theme presentation


June 12, 1972


“Simply looking upon this as a challenge as to what they are able to do in the absence of anything external.”


“In the great sense, we are in front of this challenge, of a world to be created; this is the supreme challenge that is before man. But we’re all in front of the challenge of our own lives, and we are in front of our daily challenge. We can see that there’s a certain something that has to be done in order to bring the challenge into the world. The challenge is there, you disregard it, you prefer not to see it, or you twist it around into something else, or perhaps you accept it from the wrong part of yourself. But whichever way you accept it, whether rightly, that is from your own conscience, from your own will, or whether you accept it from your own self will and egoism, the acceptance of the challenge still produces a consequence; something is brought about, brought into being by it.”

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