“A Practical Guide to Color Healing” by Joseph Davis


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Natural Healing Using Color and Light as Taught to me by His Eminence Samdech Preah Vira Bellong Dharmawara
Mahathera, Head Abbot Wat Dhammavararam, Research Institute
for Buddhalogy, Light and Colour Energy Inc.
J.G. Bennett brought Bhante to England. Later, Bhante went to the US where I met him, first in Alaska and later at Claymont, and then visited over the years. Recently ES recommended I write instructions of Bhante’s Color Therapy. Call this a first draft as I know there are many, many more who studied with Bhante. This work is intended to be a simple set of instructions for using color in healing. There is a lot it is not. It is not a study of Bhante or his life. Sam is working on that. It is not a study of Vipassana meditation. It is not even the tip of the iceberg as we have been given some work to work on! It is a simple, short guide to start. Or, to remember. I hope this sparks interest in some to continue to study, experiment and advance Color Therapy as was so well taught by Bhante.
Good Wishes, Joseph Davis
 Joseph has kindly given permission for us to share this with you.
Samdach Vira Dharmawara Bellong Mahathera (February 12, 1889 – June 26, 1999), also known simply as Bhante Dharmawara, was a Cambodian-born Theravada monk and teacher who died at the age of 110.



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