Conscience (theme presentation transcribed) ~ 1972


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“One of our difficulties in grasping anything is that our minds work in such a way that we have to separate it and isolate it. For example, we think of ourselves as doing something, and the work can be called doing; the work also can be called what is done; but it also can be called the general state of affairs in which something is happening: a world, or condition of existence, and it is when one is in that state or mode that one can use the word “in the work”. The word ‘work’ does mean that which contains an end a goal in itself, that which is not only doing something to achieve a goal but also the goal which is to be achieved, so that the work is a self-creating, self-realizing activity. It is also the means, the power which makes that activity possible and the source from which it comes. Therefore, you see that any one of those things is a legitimate description of the work, but the work actually is the whole lot. Clearly, it is not difficult to see that it is the same thing to say that I am in the work and the work is in me. It is not difficult really to see that I do the work and the work is done through me. It is not difficult also perhaps to have the picture that there is a state of affairs in the world that stands between the world of fact and the world of value, which has perpetually to be created. This creative process is the third world. It is the work. If we go further to say something which is also true, that the work is God and God is the work, it becomes very difficult for us because the word, ‘God’ almost inevitably means some person, supernatural, but anyhow some kind of person.”

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