The Being Obligolnian Strivings as Practice by: George Bennett ~ 2014-05


Presented at the All and Everything Conference May 2014
Portland, Maine


To put this paper in context, let us begin by considering a quotation from Chapter XXVI of Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson, entitled ‘The Legominism Concerning the Deliberations of the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash Under the Title of “The Terror-of-the-Situation”’, in which Ashiata Shiemash, having described his lengthy deliberations on the state of the Earth, and of humanity, says the following:

‘… it was just then that I indubitably understood with all the separate ruminating parts representing the whole of my “I”, that if the functioning of that being-factor [which engenders Objective-Conscience] still surviving in their common-presences were to participate in the general functioning of that consciousness of theirs in which they pass their daily, as they here say, “waking existence”, only then [my emphasis] would it still be possible to save the contemporary three-brained being here from the consequences of the properties of that organ which was intentionally implanted into their first ancestors.’ (page 359)

Or, to put it more succinctly, the only hope for humanity is for the impulse of Objective Conscience to participate in our ordinary waking consciousness. Now let us consider two paragraphs from the ensuing chapter, and I want you to imagine that you’ve never read Beelzebub’s Tales – you don’t know anything about it at all, but you read these two paragraphs. Here’s the first of them, from chapter XXVII, entitled ‘The Organization for Man’s Existence Created by the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash’

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5 being obligolnian strivings

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