Seeing Oneself


Theme and Discussion ~1974-12 – 01 &  07
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“This is a state which is only possible if one is separated from oneself. This state of separation from oneself is something that is possible for everyone with an effort of attention. Then in what way is it possible or necessary to see oneself?
“A whole variety of ways. For example, if I’m talking to you now and I’m listening to the sound of my voice, this is one way of seeing myself. I’m hearing the sound that I am producing as I speak. This makes me aware of how it is that I’m speaking. But this is only one of a whole range of acts of attention that are possible. To see one’s postures, to see the way one walks, to see how one thinks, to see oneself at the moment of the stop exercise. This is all primary self seeing but is no more in reality than seeing what one is doing in the present moment, seeing what is going on. Seeing one’s behavior, one’s manifestations. It is not yet seeing oneself.”
J.G. Bennett – Sherborne House

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