First Line of Work (further commentary)


Theme discussion ~ 1974-08-04
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“is a real example of the First Line of Work–or when Yogesh comes to me and says, “I can’t feel, I can’t get any exercise that requires feeling” How am I to do something about it?” And I know that this is something which is beginning to be a real need for him, to see how this, this feeling center which is blocked, can be opened. This is the kind of thing which belongs to this line of Work; it is not enough to realize that one lacks something. What is necessary is to make the movement that will allow it to change in us. From knowing about something to having the experience of it, or to possessing it. It is right what Charles was saying about how often it is that we go as far as we can by being passive, but when it’s necessary for this to turn into an active state there’s something in us which can’t make the changeover.”

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