Pattern / Intention


(From Pattern/Intention by J. G. Bennett, published by Shantock Press. Reproduced in the Impressions Journal, Autumn 1989. Assumed date of talk is July 15, 1974. © 1984, Elizabeth Bennett).



“I want to remind you of something that is written in Beelzebub’s Tales; the
distinction between two ways of living, which Beelzebub calls the “foolasnitamnian” and
“itoklanoz” ways of living. I have yet to find out how he devised these words, but he
always used them. Foolasnitamnian is the real way for man, a three brained being, to
be living. When one comes to be able to live like that, he will fulfill his destiny. He will
not leave this world until he has completed his “kesdjan” body, which will reach a
sufficient degree of independence, of understanding of the will, to be able to develop
independently and ultimately to reach perfection, to which man is destined.”

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