Like and Dislike


 Theme Presentation and Discussion ~ 1973-10- 5th and 9th
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“Two very simple words that I’ve used a number of times and all of us use: Like and dislike.
When are like and dislike present in us? When do we think they are present or one of them is present in us? When do we think they are going to be? So and so is going to happen, I’m going to dislike it. When do states of like or states of dislike actually occur so it’s possible to say in this moment I’m in a state of liking what is happening or liking such and such an object, disliking either. There are times when like and dislike are absent. There are times when we think they’re present. There are times when we are obsessed with like and dislike which are not present but which we expect will arise. And there are times when there is an actual state of liking present, when one is aware “This, I like this.” You are saying what it is [you] like.”

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