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INAUGURAL ADDRESS -THIRD BASIC COURSE Talk by J. G. Bennett at Sherborne House – October 15, 1973
About 120 students and staff met with Mr. Bennett in the Horse Parlour at
Sherborne House at 5 p.m. on Monday, October 15th, 1973 to inaugurate the Third Basic
Course. There was a prolonged silence lasting for more than ten minutes. This silence
became very relaxed and pleasant, and Mr. Bennett was reluctant to break it. He finally
began his talk as follows:

“Now we have to make the transition from silence to speech. Does this transition
bring us closer together? To me it does not seem so. When I was sitting in silence I felt
close to you all. Now it appears that we are connected by the words I am speaking.
Some connection is being made, but some separation also is coming. Words are so
limited and so easily misunderstood that we sometimes gain less than we lose when we
try to communicate by words, and yet we have to do it. It is particularly unfortunate that
we have to do it, when we are speaking about this project that we have set our hands to
do together. Because what really matters about this undertaking cannot be put into