Theme presentation, First Course, Week 22 – Sherborne House J.G. Bennett


Practicality ~ 20 March 1972
“You can study this theme of practicality during this week by asking yourself various kinds of questions: “is what I’m doing at this moment appropriate to what I’m trying to achieve? Do I understand at this moment what I am doing? Am I trying to do things with my head which should be done with my hands? Am I trying to do something myself which I ought to be doing with others? Am I trying to do something by thinking which can only be done by direct perception? Am I going about this simply on the basis of ‘I know best’?” (Which is often the most unpractical way of working). The theme of practicality contains of course some of the earlier themes we’ve had, such as ‘contact’; and very much of it is also in the theme of the ‘present moment’. Everything practical is also in the present moment; everything outside the present moment is not practical. Now is there anything about this theme which I haven’t explained, or which you don’t see how to work at?”