Concern for the Future


Venue unknown, but in London, could be Conway Hall. I was at Sherborne at the time and don’t know anybody who was there. BB (Ben Bennett)
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Lecture with Questions and Answers


CONCERN FOR THE FUTURE – March 15, 1972 J.G. Bennett

“One of the principles of change is that we are not able to change other people, but there is a possibility that we can change ourselves, and, therefore, that is the possibility that we should explore and not concern ourselves with the defects of other people and the consequences of their defects in terms of social injustice and the rest. There’s another principle of change and that is that change can only be proportionate to the amount of force which is put into it, but forceful change can only be effectual and positive if there is an equal response to it. That is, revolutionary and violent change can only be destructive, and, therefore, even if an enormous force for change were at our disposal, we couldn’t use it suddenly or immediately without producing destruction. This principle of change also means that one cannot change the present but there is the possibility of changing the future. I’m going to speak in terms of these two principles, first of all that we cannot change others but there is a possibility of changing ourselves, and that we cannot change the present but there is the possibility of changing the future.”