The Second Domain


 Lecture  1965-10-10


This talk was given as part of a series of three talks to the group at Stoke-on-Trent October 10, 1965. This transcription, which has been edited slightly for publication, was reproduced in the Impressions Journal, Summer 1989. Used by permission of Mrs. Elizabeth Bennett

Impressions Journal, Summer 1989

“Here, now, at this very moment, everything that is needed for our transformation is offered to us, is limited. Water can only be taken according to the capacity of the vessel. If you have a thimble, there is nothing to be done: you can only take a thimbleful of water. This enlarging of the capacity to be able to receive is sometimes called the opening of the heart, because the heart is compared to a vessel. Heart here does not mean emotion, it is different. If you know what is meant in the language of the System by “the higher emotional center” that is this vessel that I am speaking about. For most people, the higher emotional center is no larger than a thimble, but is made of such a material that it is capable of growing without limits. “