Group Meeting


~ 1951-06-05



“Madame Tracol said that the previous week they had been discussing the question: “What do we need to become a group?” Each had made a summary for Madame de Salzmann, and she thought it would be good if these could be read, so that I could know the lines of the conversation.
The other notes not being available, Mr. Hoare read his own summary, in which it was chiefly emphasised that there had to be a common understanding, and an agreement about aim.
After this, the conversation continued somewhat as follows:-
Bennett: I am very glad that this question has been raised. If I had been here, I would have spoken of something which has occupied my attention for many months. It is, in my opinion, one of the several factors needed. I agree about understanding and aim, and also that our own work is the first condition for arriving at anything together.”
“Miss Heap: If our aim is to make a group, we have to recognise that this is the most difficult thing.”

Meeting attendees;
Henriette H. Lannes, ( Madame Tracol),  George Adie, J. G. Bennett, Alfred Etievan, Jane Heap, Reginald Hoare, Cynthia Pearce, Basil Tilley, Kenneth Walker, and Aubrey Wolton


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