One Perfect Man Matters Even to God


 October 2, 1950


“At first there will come by association the various things I ought to wish, I ought to be better, I ought to be able to do good for mankind. Or, I ought to be free from this or that slavery. But then I must say to myself, do I wish this or is this just one idea like many others? Is it just words? I say to myself, “I think I wish this; but am I prepared to pay for it?” And then I have to confront these things, I have to make more clear to myself what it is that I am talking about. We have been talking about very big things to be such a being that one will not fall into the general fate of the animal world, to be more than a transforming machine for energy, even the possibility of being immortal! Who can be immortal? I say to myself, in what kind of being can such a property arise?”


(Questions and Answers with J. G. Bennett Denison House, published in the Impressions Journal, Winter 1988. Used by permission of Mrs. Elizabeth Bennett.)


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