Accessing the Dramatic Universe Conference 2011,  Ben Bennett,  Hajah Tetley,  Henri Bortoft,  Tony Hodgson

Presentations from Accessing the Dramatic Universe Conference 2011

We are pleased to announce we have uploaded 4 presentations from the "Accessing The Dramatic Universe" conference in 2011.

Henri Bortoft
Anthony 'Tony' Hodgson
Ben Bennett
Hajah Tetley

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Henri Bortoft's presentation

Part 1

Part 2

Henri Bortoft wrote to us in an email:
I would like to give a talk on "Hyparxis and the Dynamics of Being", which I hope will
prove to be of interest to anyone whose concern is with understanding how to
appreciate the DU now. To do this I will draw on material from my new book, especially
the introductory part which is more biographical and refers directly to my time with JGB
both at Sherborne and before. I use this approach to introduce the dynamic way of
thinking in a concrete way, setting it in a non-academic context whilst at the same time
drawing on the resources of continental philosophy. I think the participants will not only
be interested, but also perhaps surprised. My main aim is to reach the point where it
becomes clear that the way to understand the DU now is to learn to read it
hyparchically, so that reciprocally in this way the reader will come to understand
hyparxis concretely through the very activity of trying to understand the DU. The
possibility of such a concrete "organic" approach is well grounded in what is known as
"philosophical hermeneutics", so much so that hermeneutics illuminates what JGB says
about hyparxis, and in turn hyparxis illuminates hermeneutics. I think you will appreciate
that it isn't easy working in this way, but I will do my best.

Anthony 'Tony' Hodgson's presentation

Part 1

Part 2

Ben's presentation

Part 1 was not recorded this is part 2

Hajah's presentation