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My retreats for health and wellbeing are built on a foundation of twenty years experience as an acupuncturist and practitioner within the oriental medicine concept or spirit of Yang Sheng, meaning Nourishing Life and forty five years experience of meditation, study and inner exercises taught to me at the International Academy for Continuous Education, Sherborne, Gloucestershire in the UK under the direction of J.G. Bennett.

It’s a personal retreat.   You choose when you want to come and how long you want to stay. You choose what treatments you would like to have, what workshops you would like to do, what you would like to learn.  You choose what activities you would like to participate in.  You can choose to do as little or as much as you like.

Lori-lee Hillman LicAc, BSc (Hons), OMBAcC. IMG_0259

I am a member of the British Acupuncture Council.  I am a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Five Element Acupuncture.  I teach Food Energetics according to the principles of Chinese medicine.   I also teach Mindfulness meditation.

In 1973,  I studied under the direction of John Godolphin Bennett with the International Academy for Continuous Education at the Institute for the Comparative Study of History, Philosophy and the Sciences at Sherborne House in Gloucestershire, UK.  Bennett was one of the founding fathers of the holistic approach to health and environmentalism.  My study at Sherborne House laid the foundation for my integrity as a practioner today.

Since 1999 I have been in clinical practice and have been proactive in the study of acupuncture, food energetics, mindfulness and body-mind exercises for chronic disease.  For the past nine years I have worked extensively with people living with Parkinson’s Disease using acupuncture and Mindfulness meditation to improve symptoms and quality of life.  I have worked in the UK, Spain and Gibraltar and was director of my own multi-disciplinary clinic for seven years providing complementary medicine, classes in yoga, tai chi, qigong, workshops and courses.

This year I took the decision to do less clinical acupuncture in order to focus on writing,  teaching and running study retreats.  Over the years, many of my patients have been overwhelmed by how profound and life changing oriental medicine can be.  Many  have taken on board what they have learned about the five elements and have been able to take more control of their health and emotional well being.

My husband John is a permaculture designer and together we have been studying Reciprocal maintenance which was introduced to us in 1974 by J.G. Bennett.  This is the study of the symbiotic relationship between plants, animals, man and our planet  which is so closely integrated that we cannot harm one without harming ourselves. There is far more awareness of this fact among people today, but there is still more to be understood in terms of our responsibility to great nature within this concept of Reciprocal Maintenance .  For John and myself, our common ground is literally that, the soil, the mycorrhizae. Our health is dependant on the health of our soil.

” All life on the earth, all the possibilities of experience, depend upon the substances produced by the vegetable essence. We have an obligation towards this marvellous bio-chemical system which maintains the balance of air, earth and oceans and provides us with all our chief needs. While we recognise that the destruction of the forests and the loss of vegetable plankton due to the pollution of the seas – to cite but two examples – are threatening all life on the planet; we do not see that mankind is going to pay the price of all this destruction. We make the terrible mistake of treating nature as an alien power, instead of recognising that we are wholly involved in the well being  of the plant life of the earth.”  

J.G. Bennett, pg. 209, ch.9, The Law of Reciprocal Maintenance, Gurdjieff: Making a New World.

The above quote was written in 1974, it could have been written today.

I was very privileged to have been invited by executive “green chef” Arthur Potts-Dawson, to contribute to the United Nation’s Healthy not Hungry campaign for the World Food Programme’s sustainable dinners event in January 2017. I provided the medicinal energetics of the ingredients for the evening’s dinner menu, collaborating with the team of herbalists, chefs and nutritionists who were also volunteering their skills. The campaign is an initiative focused on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 2 – Zero Hunger by 2030.  This is a start to the recognition that food is medicine, that the energetics of food corresponds to the energetics of sentient human beings and that great nature has provided for all our needs.


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