Links to Friends of the J.G. Bennett Foundation

Links to friends of the J.G. Bennett Foundation


Bennett Pilgrimages -  Tours and pilgrimages generally centered around the teachings and writings of; G.I. Gurdjieff and J.G. Bennett

Baltimore Gurdjieff Bennett  Group -  going strong after 27 years  and counting -  

Claymont Society -  Retreats, events, and seminars

Camp Caravan -Royalston, MA   Gurdjieff / Bennett Groups and Seminars

Gurdjieff / Bennett study group in NYC and upstate NY

JG Bennett Group UK  For information on groups in the UK

Gurdjieff Movements in Italy~ Germany~Austria~Switzerland , led by Margit Martinu

Gurdjieff Dominican Group - Movements and Seminars World-wide  ~ Jose Reyes

Beshara ~ Chisholme House ~ Courses, Events and Retreats - dedicated to the art of self discovery  ~  founded by Bulent Rauf   Facebook Page for Chisholme House

Fairfield House Retreats Shruti Whittington  Williton, UK  - Mindfulness retreats, Meditation, Bed & Breakfast, Holistic Venue  Facebook Page Fairfield House 

Inner Frontier - Inner Frontier aims primarily to support the spiritual practice of the experienced and advanced, people who have tried one or more ways of inner work and still hunger for a deeper and more complete transformation.  A good resource for inner exercises, led by Joseph Naft

DGM Live! The aim of DGM is to connect music, musician and audience in a way that supports the power of music, the integrity of the musician and the needs of the audience. DGM Live offers music for download with photographs, diary archives and audience commentary for browsing.

Elan Sicroff is internationally known for his interpretation of Gurdjieff & de Hartmann The Thomas de Hartmann Project on Facebook

Decision Integrity  - The art of making choices in the context of a holistic appreciation of the present and a visionary view of the future, anticipating change through designing transformative resilience -  Anthony Hodgson

Akhaldan - Spain information on groups ~ Bhati Diaz ~  JG Bennett / Gurdjieff    "Seminars" Facebook page for Akhaldan

The DUversity was founded in 1998 to embrace diversity as a source of new insights. It was mainly inspired by the work of John Bennett, particularly his magnum opus The Dramatic Universe, from which the name of the organisation was derived.....   Anthony Blake

Movimenti e Danze Sacre di Gurdjieff   ~ Shurta Fasan: director ~Movements groups through-out Italy

The Inimitable Mulla Nasrudin - with links to: Octagon PressIdries Shah Foundation, find Mulla on Facebook!

The Gurdjieff Folk Ensemble 
"The Armenian Gurdjieff Ensemble was founded by Levon Eskenian to play ‘ethnographically authentic’ arrangements of the G.I. Gurdjieff/Thomas de Hartmann piano music,  Their debut album on ECM records, Music of G.I. Gurdjieff, was widely acclaimed, and won an Edison Award as Album of the Year in 2012 , since 2011 the ensemble has been touring at major festival and venues around the world . Now Eskenian and his musicians turn their attention to the music of Komitas Vardapet (1869-1935). Composer, ethnomusicologist, arranger, singer and priest, Komitas is popularly held to be the founder of contemporary music in Armenia, and in his work as a collector he explored the connections that uniquely bind together Armenian sacred and secular music. With Eskenian’s special focus on folk instrumentation, antropological and  ethnomusicological researches and inspired arrangements the Ensemble illuminates the deep roots of Komitas’s compositions in this programme recorded in Lugano and released in autumn 2015. Eskenian and the Gurdjieff Ensemble will continue touring with their music of Georges I.Gurdjieff programme and starting from the second season of 2016 also with their new Komitas programme."

For Music purchase and previews of the Gurdjieff Folk Ensemble


Alan Tunbridge -  Writer, artist and musician - His book - "A Noose of Light"  (West London community refers to his time spent at Coombe Springs with JG Bennett)
Alan's website :

A Noose of light – Memories 1940-2015
"When I got to 73 years of age in 2014, I felt serenely aware that I would soon no longer be here to tell my story, so I decided to write it down and thereby leave a record of my life adventure behind me when I depart. With an early childhood spent on the outskirts of the London Blitz, and Beatnik wanderings in the 1950s with Wizz Jones, and hashish-aided esoteric explorations in Notting Hill, and residency in the Coombe Springs Gurdjieff community, followed by a 20-year association with Idries Shah and his Sufi project, I think the story might be valued by those interested in the Western spiritual development upsurge of the 60s and 70s. And it also goes on to encompass travels in Andalusia and Morocco, lucid dreaming explorations in 'the Higgs field' and Hawaii (with Dr. Stephen La Berge), and the battle to create an Australian schizophrenia research institute. So I dare say there’s something in it for everyone. I hope you enjoy it."

" A Noose of Light"


Alan Francis - Has written a book "Secrets of the Fourth Way" ~ Newly published by Beech Hill Publishing


Following on a meeting with Michel de Salzmann, Paul Reynard, and Norma Flynn in preparation for my starting the Oregon Gurdjieff Foundation, I had a private meeting in the teachers' room at the L.A. Gurdjieff Foundation with Michel de Salzmann. I asked a question of Michel concerning my role in the future of the Work and my specialized studies of higher being bodies. Michel put his arm around my shoulders and said, "You are strong. You will attract people to the Work and create new centers." Then he added some further concrete directions and said, "As you go forward, remember, not for self." Then he made a strange gesture, which some others of his disciples would no doubt recognize, and which I later interpreted as, "Feed my sheep." My task soon became clear; to complete this octave of our Work begun over 100 years ago in Russia and, with others, to help birth the next level of this School before it is too late.


Secrets of the Fourth Way

Beech Hill Publishing -


 " The Beech Hill imprint goes back to the year 1975, when we began publishing scientific journals and articles. We also began occasionally  publishing books about local Mount Desert Island history and nature. We ceased publishing in 1995 after Taylor and Francis group acquired the publishing rights to our flagship scientific journal Experimental Aging Research, which is still published to this day.  In 2013, we decided the time was right to begin publishing again, this time with an emphasis on books of practical spiritual import, as well as world-class poetry, and books about  music."

Some of their Authors ....
David Kherdian , Joseph Azize, Ocke de Boer ....

Dr. William (Bill) Sullivan  ~
Bill attended J.G. Bennett’s school the International Academy for Continuous Education.

The Secret of the Incas     and a short YouTube video linked here: The War Against Time The Secrets Of The Incas

William Sullivan, a Harvard graduate, has spent the last 30 years involved in research into Native American astronomy, cosmology, and mythology. His doctoral work at the University of St. Andrews was published as The Secret of the Incas: Myth Astronomy and the War Against Time, which later became the subject of a two-hour documentary on Channel 4, England. He worked for a number of years on a project to develop a museum of world mythology. Recently he shifted focus to northeast North American Native American myth and astronomy. He has two adult children and lives in Orange Massachusetts with his wife Penelope, a psychotherapist.

LINK:  Bill Sullivan speaking at CPAK 2008 




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